Why can’t everything that IS recyclable just go in my bin/cart at home?

RI’s Material Recycling Facility is designed to process as many of the most common household recyclables that we all tend to use on a weekly basis, as it can. It can’t possibly sort out every material and product in today’s world! Most of us find ourselves left with with paper, cardboard, and various containers for consumer products each week. Our Materials Recycling Facility can sort most of these safely, accurately, and efficiently. That being said, there are many other materials that can be either repaired, repurposed, reused, or recycled (meaning they don’t need to be landfilled) but, these are items that we go through once in a while. For items like plastic bags and film, textiles, scrap metal, and big, bulky plastic items, you can just set them aside for an occasional collection or drop-off.